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  • Guzhen Open Pipeline Gas


    On April 11, Wang Jun, line attendant of Anhui Cofco oils co., LTD、Bengbu ENN Gas co., LTD’s Guzhen Station was examining operating condition of surge tank equipment. Recently, Guzhen County of Bengbu Municipality has opened pipeline gas ...

  • Bengbu Adds A Street Garden


    According to the person-in-charge of Bengbu Gardening Department’s introduction, Tu Shan Road Street Garden will be finished construction on May this year. This street garden has four functional zones based on design which include leisure ...

  • Bengbu’s Five Roads Will Be More Beautiful and More Fragrant


    On March 28, “Add Green and Promote Quality”project of Ying Bin Road、Sheng Li Road、Jie Fang Road、Yan Shan Road、Yan’an Road opened bids in Bengbu Public Resource Trading Center. Growing privet、magnolia gradiflora、Cinnamomum camphora...

  • Citizens Can Take Buses Nationwide with Bengbu’s City One-card Pass


    Currently, Bengbu has joined in nationwide transportation one-card pass interconnection platform. Bengbu citizens can take buses in more than 300 cities with this card.The construction of this platform can let public transportation service ...

  • Beautiful Village Keeps Green


    Spring March, houses of provincial beautiful village called as Zhuwei Middle Village, Wuqiao Town, Wuhe County laid out neatly. Vegetation kept green. An beautiful village painting was opening slowly.

  • The Major Structure of Olympic Sports Center Capped


    On January 21, workers were concreting last piece of beton of the major structure on a twenty-meter-high stand of more than 40000 square meters oval sport field’s construction site in the Olympic Sports Center. Huang Chuangbing, the person...

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