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Profile of Bengbu Newspaper Media Group



Bengbu Daily is the Communist Party of China Bengbu municipal Committee of the directly affiliated institutions. Bengbu Newspaper Media Group was approved by Bengbu Municipal Committee, in December,2013. The flag has many branches, Bengbu Daily, which started publication in 1956, others are Huaihe River Morning News, Bengbu News Website, Bengbu Mobile News, Handheld Bengbu APP, Microblog , Wechat , Multimedia intelligent terminal, etc. Forming new pattern of modern media: the whole media to production, the whole methods to delivery and the whole orientation to management.

In recent years, the group constantly strengthen the core conception of " localization, dominant , responsiblity, credibility, service". With the development of the times, the city's progress, and constantly force the new media construction, Bengbu News Website is attracting over 100,000 daily visitors. The fans of Bengbu Daily is about 40,000. The users of Wechat Subscription is about 60,000, and the users of Wechat matrix exceeded 200,000. As CPC's newspaper, it's influence and competition incomparably firm. Editing, issuing and management into the province city party's first phalanx. Bengbu Daily awarded the advanced units in the cultural system reform of Anhui province, which is one of the top-10 most brand innovation party newspapers of the municipalities, The ‘ Gold Great Wall’ Media Award – the top-10 influential party newspapers of the municipalities, the top-10 fusion of party newspapers and media, China local newspapers ‘Go, Turn & Change’ advanced collective, Chinese Media – the top-10 most innovation party newspapers of the municipalities and so on in China.

Facing the development and change of media, Bengbu press to promote integration, industrialization, diversification, digital development, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, and strive to build a kind of major media adapted to the urban development, relative to meeting market demand. Accelerate the construction of strong influence and competitiveness of the integrated modern media group.