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Bengbu Daily is the Communist Party of China Bengbu municipal Committee of the directly affiliated institutions. Bengbu Newspaper Media Group was approved by Bengbu Municipal Committee, in December,2013. The flag has many branches, Bengbu Daily, which started publication in 1956, others are ... [Details]

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Bengbu , located at the middle of Huaihe River, is crowned as the 'Pearl City' for it's abundant resources of clams and pearls and so called “ pearl picking place” in ancient time. Bengbu City was approved as the first municipality instituted in Anhui Province in January 1947. Three counties of Huaiyuan, Guzhen and Wuhe and four districts of Bengshan, Yuhui, Huaishang and Longzihu under the jurisdiction of Bengbu City, besides,  Bengbu high-tech industrial development zone and Economic Development Zone are gathered together. The ancient city, with it's  historical...[Details]